What’s Ricky Romano’s salary as Rickie Fowler’s caddie?


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How Much Does Rickie Fowler’s Caddie Ricky Romano Make?


  • Ricky Romano’s net worth is $1 million but his earnings fluctuate depending on player performance.
  • He follows a caddie-player partnership model where he earns a percentage of Rickie Fowler’s winnings.

Key Elements:

Rickie Fowler, known as the heartthrob of the golf world, has found great support in his caddie, Ricky Romano, since October 2022. Romano’s net worth is $1 million, but he earns a percentage of Fowler’s winnings based on their caddie-player partnership model. In the 2023 season, Romano may have earned up to $436,016 caddying for Fowler, with breakdown of earnings from various tournaments listed.

Romano, who has a deep connection to golf, started as a collegiate golfer and later transitioned into caddying in 2012. He has worked for various golfers before joining Fowler’s team, showcasing skills in reading greens, decision-making, and course management. Apart from golf, Romano enjoys fishing and surfing.