WATCH: Max Homa’s Close Call at PLAYERS Championship Takes Breath Away


VIDEO: Max Homa Nearly Takes Spectator's Head Off At PLAYERS Championship


  • Golfer Max Homa nearly hits spectator’s head off at PLAYERS Championship
  • Article discusses the dangers of standing too close to professional golfers

Golf might not be the most dangerous sport in the world, but if you’re not careful, it can get pretty wild. One spectator at the PLAYERS Championship almost learned this lesson the hard way when Max Homa blistered a shot right over his or her head.

As someone who lives in central Connecticut, there aren’t many great sporting events around me throughout the year. If I want to watch professional athletics, I pretty much have to travel to Boston or New York City. However, the Travelers Championship comes to Cromwell, Connecticut every summer. The PGA Tour decided to make that an elevated event in each of the past few seasons, so my friends and I always go to the tournament. One thing that really strikes me is just how close people stand to these golfers.

I’m fascinated with how much trust spectators put in professional golfers to stand where they stand on the course. The Homa example above is a perfect illustration. He’s not aiming over that person’s head. If he were, they’d have told the person to move. But, he mishits the ball slightly. That CAN happen. It did, and almost caused a disaster. If that person took that ball in the face? It’s not an exaggeration to say that death is possible. Just a good reminder to all golf spectators: don’t stand somewhere where a ball to the face is a possibility. I can’t believe that has to be said, but here we are.