Unleash the Power Draw: How Pros Boost Consistency with Kiting


'Fly the kite': A tour pro's consistency-boosting power draw feel, explained


  • Jimmy Stanger, a PGA Tour rookie, improved his driving consistency through a shift to a powerful draw move.
  • Key elements of his transformation include turning his arms more around his body and aggressively turning his chest through the ball.

Key Elements in Improving Driving Consistency

Jimmy Stanger, a PGA Tour rookie, has showcased remarkable improvement in his driving consistency thanks to working with his coach, John Scott Rattan. The key elements of this transformation include:

  1. Arms more around, less up-and-under:
    • Stanger learned to turn his arms more around his body to avoid vertical movement, enhancing the power draw move.
    • This adjustment resulted in a more controlled and predictable ball flight.
  2. Turn your chest aggressively to ‘fly the kite’:
    • By turning his chest aggressively through the ball, Stanger gained stability in his swing and a natural feeling of flow.
    • He described the sensation as a “slingshot feeling” where the club follows his body’s movement effortlessly.
  3. Learning to love knockdowns:
    • Stanger incorporated knockdown shots into his practice routine to enhance technical aspects of his swing while maintaining a natural feel.
    • His emphasis on a big, free-flowing finish adds to the overall consistency in his driving game.

These adjustments have not only elevated Stanger’s driving capabilities on the PGA Tour but have also honed his overall game performance. By prioritizing a powerful draw feel and focusing on the correct body mechanics, Stanger has been able to achieve a more consistent and controlled ball flight with his driver, showcasing his potential as a top-tier player. Through dedication to practice and guidance from his coach, Stanger continues to refine his skills and strive for excellence in his golf career.