Top golfers with skills that translate to the ice rink.


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3 Pro Golfers Who’d Be Great at Hockey Summary


  • Professional golfers who have hockey backgrounds could excel at hockey.
  • Similar skills are needed for success in golf and hockey.


Early April saw major events in both the NHL and professional golf, sparking a discussion about whether professional golfers could be successful in hockey. Some professional golfers, such as Mike Weir, Jerry Kelly, and Allen Doyle, have had hockey experience in their backgrounds. On the other hand, former NHL player Dan Quinn transitioned to golf after his hockey career.

Many NHL players, both past and present, are known for their golf skills, highlighting the connection between the two sports. The skills needed for success in both golf and hockey are somewhat similar, leading to the idea that some golfers could also excel at hockey.

The article then highlights three professional golfers who participated in the 2024 Masters and were thought to have the skills to be successful hockey players:

  1. Tiger Woods: Woods’ dedication to improving his game, physical condition, and competitive nature make him a potential successful hockey player.
  2. Bryson DeChambeau: DeChambeau’s physique and mental fortitude, along with his dedication to improving his game, could make him a valuable player on the ice.
  3. Dustin Johnson: Johnson’s raw power, physical fitness, and intense workout regimen could translate well to success in hockey.

The article concludes by emphasizing the strong relationship between golf and hockey and invites readers to share their thoughts on other golfers who could excel in hockey.