Tommy Fleetwood rumored to join LIV Golf? Fans shocked again.


Is Tommy Fleetwood Joining LIV Golf? Fans Left Appalled With His Latest Appearance

Is Tommy Fleetwood Joining LIV Golf?


  • Tommy Fleetwood attended a LIV Golf event sparking speculation about his future.
  • While appreciating some aspects, he also expressed reservations about the league.

Following the announcement of Tommy Fleetwood’s unexpected presence at a LIV Golf tournament, the professional golf world has been a flurry of activity. Fleetwood, renowned for his charm and superb iron play, had long been viewed as a possible choice for the breakaway tour supported by Saudi Arabia. His attendance at the LIV tournament sparked speculation regarding his future among pundits and golf enthusiasts. Fleetwood clarified that his goal was simply to observe a LIV golf event. He praised the laid-back atmosphere and work ethic of the players, but also expressed dislike for the music and the lack of pressure, which led to mixed reactions from fans.

Some fans criticized Fleetwood for potentially joining LIV Golf for the money, while others expressed disappointment over the direction the league is taking golf in terms of competitive atmosphere. While the controversy around Fleetwood’s visit continues to divide opinions, it remains to be seen whether he will accept an offer from LIV Golf in the future.