Teach both a member’s wife and mistress.


Should I give a lesson to both a member's wife and his mistress?


  • PGA Professional shares experience of giving lessons to a member’s wife and his mistress at a private club.
  • Providing excellent service in such situations meant being exceptionally polite, attentive, and not asking awkward questions.

Earlier in the PGA Professional’s career, they worked at a private club where members could bring a special friend for golf, cocktails, and dinner without any questions asked. The Professional recalls giving lessons to both a member’s wife and his mistress on the same day, four hours apart, multiple times. Despite feeling uncomfortable, the Professional chose not to speak up as it wasn’t their business to police the member’s behavior. Bringing up concerns could have led to losing trust and coaching relationships, impacting their job prospects. The nonchalant attitude of the members involved was surprising, with lessons appearing like any other. Ultimately, discretion and professionalism were crucial in maintaining client relationships at exclusive clubs.