SLV Boys’ Golf: A Historic Championship Season That Made History


Championship Season: SLV Boys’ Golf Makes History


  • The San Lorenzo Valley High School boys’ golf team won their first Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League title, making school history.
  • Coach Luke Dahlen credits pre-season practice focused on the short game as a key factor in their success.

San Lorenzo Valley High School’s boys’ golf team made history by winning their first Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League title. The team, coached by Luke Dahlen, set their goals at the beginning of the year to capture one of the 2 Central Coast Section berths given to the top 2 teams in the league. With a focus on practicing the short game before playing any rounds of golf, the team’s dedication and hard work paid off.

In an interview with Scotts Valley Times editor Jondi Gumz, Coach Dahlen shared insights into the team’s success:

  • Individual Players: Players like James Dahlen, Keenan Buntz, Wyatt McCabe, Connor Scarborough, Luke Fontinell, and Mason Atkinson were highlighted for their contributions and skills on the golf course.
  • Defeating Aptos: The team managed to defeat powerhouse Aptos twice, with the second victory securing their league title. The unexpected wins served as turning points in their season.
  • CCS Playoffs: The team successfully made it to the CCS tournament at Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, achieving their goal and more.

Overall, the team’s dedication to pre-season practice, focus on the short game, and strong teamwork were key elements in their historic championship season. Their success not only brought pride to the school but also showcased their passion and talent for the game.