Serhan’s motto: fun first, always.


Serhan's philosophy founded in fun


  • John Serhan, a PGA of Australia member for 29 years, focuses on fun in his coaching philosophy.
  • His approach involves building a strong technical foundation while allowing players to embrace their uniqueness and have fun on the course.

Key Elements:

John Serhan, a long-time Head Teaching Professional at St Michael’s Golf Club in Sydney, has established himself as a top coach in elite amateur and professional golf. With a focus on taking promising junior players to the highest level, Serhan’s coaching philosophy is centered around fun and embracing the uniqueness of each player.

Serhan’s commitment to his players goes beyond the technical aspects of the game. He is described as selfless, personable, and more than just a coach to his students. His ability to create a strong bond with his players has resulted in successful partnerships, with players like Harrison Crowe and Sarah Kemp achieving significant success under his guidance.

Unlike traditional coaching methods, Serhan’s approach involves understanding a player’s natural movements and allowing them to explore different shots on the course. He emphasizes the importance of making the game fun for players of all ages, from junior players to older members of St. Michael’s Golf Club. By balancing technical aspects with enjoyment, Serhan believes in creating a positive and engaging experience for his students.

Overall, Serhan’s coaching philosophy is rooted in his desire to see good people succeed. His simplicity in approach, focus on fun, and personalized coaching style make him a valuable asset to the golf community at all levels.