Sahith Theegala aims for success at the Masters Tournament.


Sahith Theegala Is Hoping Second Time's the Charm at the Masters


  • Sahith Theegala is hoping to make a strong comeback at the Masters after finishing ninth in his debut in 2023.
  • He has been using AI technology to prepare for the tournament, analyzing data on how each hole is expected to play.

In his second appearance at the Masters, Sahith Theegala is aiming to improve on his ninth-place finish from his debut in 2023. Despite being ranked lower by Vegas oddsmakers, Theegala has been using advanced AI technology called “Hole Insights” to prepare for the tournament. This technology provides detailed projections based on historical data, allowing players to analyze and improve their game.

Theegala believes that his experience from playing in the Masters last year will give him an advantage this time around, especially in handling nerves and navigating the course. He is looking to build on his strong performance from last year and is confident in his ability to compete with the top players in the field.

Additionally, Theegala shares his love for Augusta’s famous pimento cheese sandwiches and looks forward to indulging in them during the tournament. With a combination of preparation, experience, and confidence, Sahith Theegala is ready to take on the Masters and potentially secure another top-10 finish or even contend for the title.