Rory McIlroy offers a helping hand to the PGA Tour.


Lynch: Rory McIlroy thinks he can help the PGA Tour’s board. Bless the lad’s optimism

Article Summary


Key points:

  • PGA Tour players received equity in PGA Tour Enterprises
  • Rory McIlroy wants to rejoin the Tour’s Policy Board to help with negotiations

In a recent article by Eamon Lynch, the PGA Tour players were notified of the equity value they received in PGA Tour Enterprises. This move signifies a shift towards player ownership and a new level of compensation for the players. Rory McIlroy expressed interest in rejoining the Tour’s Policy Board to contribute to negotiations, particularly regarding a deal with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. However, some board members may not welcome McIlroy’s involvement due to his past associations and public stances on certain issues.

Despite the potential benefits of McIlroy rejoining the board, the ongoing issues and lack of progress with the Saudi negotiations remain a challenge. The article highlights the need for a more functional board to address pressing issues and to alleviate stakeholders’ concerns. McIlroy’s return could potentially help steer the board away from internal conflicts and towards a more productive future for the PGA Tour.