Rory McIlroy has no plans to rejoin PGA Tour board.


Here's why Rory McIlroy won't rejoin PGA Tour board

Article Summary


  • Rory McIlroy won’t rejoin the PGA Tour board due to resistance from board members.
  • McIlroy’s potential return was complicated and messy, leading to old wounds resurfacing.

Rory McIlroy decided not to rejoin the PGA Tour board following a plan to replace Webb Simpson, who offered to give up his seat only if McIlroy were to replace him. McIlroy needed board approval to be reinstated after resigning in November. However, conversations surrounding his potential return became complicated and messy, leading to old wounds and scar tissue resurfacing. McIlroy cited discomfort from a subset of board members as a reason for the resistance.

McIlroy’s reinstatement could have helped improve stalled negotiations with the Saudi financial backers of LIV Golf, but the process to put him back on the board was reportedly rejected due to complications. Despite this setback, McIlroy remains involved in other capacities and continues to advocate for finding a compromise for the good of the fans and the game of golf.

McIlroy’s change in views about LIV Golf and suggestions for a more global schedule have caused some tension on the board. However, he remains focused on finding a resolution that benefits both sides, even if it means making compromises. McIlroy views the current situation as an opportunity to bring unity to the sport, similar to the peace process in Northern Ireland in the 90s, where both sides may not be completely satisfied but can learn to live with the negotiated agreements.