Rainy day on the golf course? Here’s essential information for you.


So it's raining during a pro golf tournament: Here's what you need to know

Rainy PGA Tour Champions Golf Tournament


Key Points:

  • Golf tournaments continue even in the rain
  • Play is suspended only in cases of lightning or pooling water

Weather forecasts are predicting rain during the PGA Tour Champions’ Galleri Classic at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage. While golfers will play through light or steady rain, certain conditions can lead to a suspension of play.

Lightning or pooling water on the course are the two main reasons for suspending play. Golfers must be aware of the different types of horn signals indicating either a normal or immediate suspension during dangerous situations. Once play resumes, players must adapt to changes in course conditions caused by the rain, including reduced distance on shots and unpredictable greens.

Despite the challenges posed by the rain, professional golfers are experienced in playing in inclement weather and know how to adjust their game accordingly. Strategies like keeping clubs dry, maintaining steady tempo, and taking advantage of damp conditions on the green can help players perform well in the rain.