Pro criticizes Masters group’s slow play at Augusta National as brutal.


Pro slams Masters group's 'just brutal' slow play at Augusta National

Article Summary


  • Professional golfer Tyrrell Hatton criticizes slow play at Augusta National during the Masters tournament.
  • Hatton expressed frustration with the pace of play from the group in front of him, causing delays in his own round.

In the midst of the 2024 Masters tournament at Augusta National, professional golfer Tyrrell Hatton spoke out against the slow play exhibited by the group in front of him. Hatton, who had previously criticized the course for being unfair, expressed his frustration with the delays caused by the slow pace of play, which affected his own performance on the course.

During the second round of the tournament, Hatton and his group experienced a 32-hole delay while waiting to hit into the 14th green. He criticized the officials for not putting the slow group on the clock sooner and emphasized the impact it had on his rhythm and performance. Despite softening his stance on Augusta National’s fairness, Hatton was vocal about the challenges posed by slow play.

Hatton’s comments shed light on the issue of pace of play in professional golf tournaments, particularly at prestigious venues like Augusta National. As a seasoned golfer with multiple Masters appearances, Hatton’s frustration reflects the importance of maintaining a consistent pace to ensure a fair and competitive playing field for all participants.