Phil Mickelson predicts LIV Golf will globalize PGA Tour.


Phil Mickelson: Golf in "disruption phase;" LIV Golf will force PGA Tour to go global

Key Elements of Phil Mickelson Article


  • Phil Mickelson believes golf is in a disruption phase.
  • LIV Golf is forcing the PGA Tour to go global.

Article Summary:

Phil Mickelson spoke about the current state of professional golf, stating that the sport is in a disruption phase due to the rise of LIV Golf. Mickelson believes that this disruption will lead to positive changes, making golf more global where the best players will travel more. He also mentioned that there is room for both LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, as having more variety can enhance the spectator experience and take golf to the next level worldwide. The future of professional golf remains uncertain, with variables such as player equity, the return of LIV Golfers to the PGA Tour, and the structure of a new global schedule needing to be addressed. Mickelson expressed his trust in Yasir al-Rumayyan to navigate through these changes. While substantial negotiations about the future of professional golf have not taken place yet, Mickelson is optimistic that the end result will bring the best players from around the world together and open up more opportunities for the game globally.