PGA Tour X account chronicles Ben Silverman’s entertaining struggle at The Players


PGA Tour X account hilariously follows Ben Silverman's uphill battle at The Players.png


PGA Tour X account hilariously follows Ben Silverman’s uphill battle at The Players. Ben Silverman needed to hole-out from 109 yards to make the cut, leading to a unique range session full of 56-degree wedges. The PGA Tour documented this with a humorous post and video.

This week at The Players, golfer Ben Silverman found himself in a tough situation where he needed to hole out from 109 yards away to make the cut for the event. The PGA Tour’s X account humorously documented his uphill battle, showcasing a unique range session with 56-degree wedges before his attempt. The post and video provided a light-hearted and entertaining view of the situation, with plenty of jokes and laughs in the comments.

Overall, the story of Ben Silverman’s journey at The Players, as captured by the PGA Tour X account, offered a fun and amusing perspective on the challenges faced by golfers in high-pressure situations.