PGA Tour board member blasts LIV Golf for fake team concept.


PGA Tour board member rips LIV Golf "fake, contrived" team golf aspect


PGA Tour Policy Board member, Peter Malnati, criticized LIV Golf’s team golf aspect as fake and contrived. Malnati expressed uncertainty about the purpose of team golf in LIV Golf and questioned its relevance to fans. He acknowledged the success of the Ryder Cup but was skeptical about integrating team golf into the FedExCup schedule. Malnati also commented on Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s TGL team-golf simulation league. Overall, Malnati’s candid remarks shed light on the challenges of incorporating team golf into the PGA Tour’s busy event schedule.

Article Summary:

PGA Tour Policy Board member Peter Malnati recently spoke out against LIV Golf’s team golf aspect, labeling it as fake and contrived. Malnati questioned the relevance of team golf to fans and expressed uncertainty about the Saudi Public Investment Fund’s intentions with team golf. While acknowledging the success of events like the Ryder Cup, Malnati was skeptical about integrating team golf into the PGA Tour’s already busy event schedule. He also mentioned the postponed TGL team-golf simulation league and its challenges. Malnati’s comments highlight the complexities of introducing new formats like team golf into professional golf circuits.