PGA Championship hopefuls urged to ditch tantrums for shot at victory


PGA Championship star told to cut out temper tantrums to challenge for title ...


Key Points:

  • Sky Sports golf commentator Ewen Murray believes Tyrrell Hatton could be a top golfer if he cuts out his temper tantrums.
  • Hatton has all the qualities necessary to challenge the best in the game but is held back by his temperament.

In an exclusive interview with Express Sport, Murray expressed his belief that Hatton’s volatile behavior is preventing him from reaching his full potential in the game of golf. Despite winning big tournaments, Murray feels that Hatton’s temper tantrums overshadow his talent. The Sky Sports commentator thinks that if Hatton can focus solely on playing golf, he has the potential to match up against anyone in the world.

Murray highlighted Hatton’s strengths in terms of consistency, technical skills, driving, iron play, and putting under pressure. However, he emphasized that the golfer’s volatile behavior is what is holding him back from achieving even greater success in the sport.

Overall, Murray’s message to Hatton is clear – to cut out the unnecessary “furore” caused by his temper tantrums and focus on his game, as that is where his true potential lies.