“Peter Malnati spills the tea after scoring a 66 round.”


Giddy after a 66, Peter Malnati goes on a rant (and shares more than he probably should)


  • Peter Malnati expressed concerns about the state of professional golf and the need for unification between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.
  • He discussed the importance of having all the best players in the world compete in events like the Players Championship.

Key Elements:

Peter Malnati, PGA Tour player director, shared his thoughts on the state of professional golf, expressing a desire for a unified game where all the best players in the world are part of the PGA Tour membership.

Malnati highlighted the absence of top players like Jon Rahm in the Players Championship, suggesting that having all the best players present would enhance the competitiveness of the tournament.

He discussed the challenges associated with LIV Golf players returning to the PGA Tour, emphasizing the importance of safeguards to protect existing Tour members and the equity ownership plan.

Malnati also addressed the involvement of players in the decision-making process of the PGA Tour, stating that while players should have input, they should not be running the organization.

He criticized LIV Golf’s team-golf concept, questioning its relevance within the FedEx Cup schedule and suggesting that such events may feel contrived to fans.