Paige Spiranac opens up about golf’s emotional toll on her.


Paige Spiranac reveals professional golf once 'beat me up emotionally'

Paige Spiranac: A Journey to Return to Professional Golf


  • Paige Spiranac opens up about emotional struggles in professional golf
  • After a short-lived career, she is working on returning to competitive play

Key Elements:

Paige Spiranac, a former professional golfer, recently revealed the emotional toll that playing professionally took on her. She spoke about equating her golf score to her self-worth and how the competitive aspect of the sport “beat her up emotionally.” However, after stepping away from professional play, Spiranac is now working on returning to the competitive golf world.

Spiranac started her golf journey playing for the University of Arizona before transferring to San Diego State. She then played on the Cactus Tour, where she achieved her only tour victory by defeating a top-ranked amateur player. Despite her attempts at the LPGA Qualifying Tournament, she did not earn a card to play professionally.

Reflecting on her past, Spiranac took to social media to share her struggles with mental health in the sport. She acknowledged the impact of competitive golf on her emotional well-being but expressed her renewed passion for the game. With a newfound dedication to tracking her scores and honing her skills, she is determined to re-enter the world of competitive golf.

Through her journey, Spiranac has amassed a significant social media following and has become known as a top influencer in the golf world. She continues to share updates on her progress and plans for returning to playing competitively.