Paige Spiranac criticizes Chris DiMarco for LIV Golf’s surprising request.


Paige Spiranac trashes Chris DiMarco for zany LIV Golf ask to buy PGA Tour Champions

Article Summary


  • Chris DiMarco suggested LIV Golf buy PGA Tour Champions for bigger purses.
  • Paige Spiranac criticized DiMarco’s remarks for being entitled.

Key Elements:

In a recent podcast, Chris DiMarco proposed that LIV Golf should purchase PGA Tour Champions to increase prize money. He expressed frustration at the current purses and compared them to what some other pro golfers make. Paige Spiranac, however, called DiMarco out on social media, highlighting the fact that professional golfers already earn substantial amounts and questioning the need for more money in a sport where they are playing for a living.

DiMarco’s comments stirred controversy as Spiranac pointed out that there are other avenues in golf, such as the Korn Ferry, Epson Tour, LPGA, and Ladies European Tour, that could benefit from greater financial support. She emphasized the growing popularity of women’s golf and suggested directing funds towards these areas rather than focusing on increasing senior men’s tournament winnings.

Furthermore, Spiranac mentioned DiMarco’s successful career on the PGA Tour and questioned the rationale behind prioritizing senior tournaments that generate less revenue and viewership compared to the main circuit. She argued that the LIV Golf’s acquisition of PGA Tour Champions may not yield significant returns on investment, leading to a debate on the distribution of financial resources within the golf industry.

Overall, the interaction between DiMarco and Spiranac sheds light on the financial aspects of professional golf and raises questions about where additional funding should be directed to support the growth and sustainability of the sport.