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Making The Cut's Not Enough - LET Pro Details How Finishing Outside Of The Top-25 Can Actually See Players LOSE Money


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Key Points:

  • LET Pro, Hannah Gregg, explains how she can lose money even by making the cut
  • Expenses like entry fees, work visas, food, accommodation, and travel costs add up for many LET players

Professional golfer Hannah Gregg sheds light on the financial struggles faced by many players on the Ladies European Tour (LET). Despite making the cut in tournaments, Gregg reveals that she can still lose money due to the high expenses involved in playing on the LET. She emphasizes the lack of prize funds on the LET compared to the men’s professional golf world, where significant increases in prize money are seen. Gregg highlights the various costs including entry fees, work visas, and travel expenses that players have to bear, making it challenging to break even.

The LET events carry relatively low prize funds, with some tournaments having a total prize fund of just €300,000. As a result, players like Gregg need to finish high up in the leaderboard to at least cover their expenses. For instance, after finishing 54th in a tournament, Gregg struggled to break even, which would have required her to finish 24th. The financial pressure is evident as even making the cut does not guarantee profitability for many players.

Gregg’s experiences provide an eye-opening insight into the financial challenges faced by women’s golfers on the LET. Despite the considerable money circulating in other areas of the sport, the LET still struggles to provide adequate financial stability for its players. Gregg’s detailed breakdown of expenses and earnings during tournaments underscores the financial pressure and uncertainty that many LET players face while pursuing their dream of being professional golfers.