Matt Fitzpatrick gripes about clubs, this time at The Masters.


Matt Fitzpatrick Is Whining About His Clubs Again, This Time At The Masters

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Key Points:

  • Matt Fitzpatrick has been complaining about his golf clubs, first his driver and now his irons.
  • Despite having unlimited resources and not being tied to a specific manufacturer, he continues to use the same clubs he’s been having issues with.

Matt Fitzpatrick, a top-ranked professional golfer, has been vocal about his equipment issues during recent tournaments. He recently discovered a hidden weight in his driver that was affecting his game, and has now moved on to complaining about his irons at the Masters. Despite having all the resources at his disposal and not being tied to a specific club manufacturer, Fitzpatrick continues to use the same clubs he’s been having issues with for the past few weeks.

During the Players Championship, Fitzpatrick revealed that a forgotten weight in his driver was causing his misses off the tee. After addressing this issue, he has seen improved results but continues to face challenges, this time with his short irons. Despite his talent and success in the sport, Fitzpatrick’s tendency to blame his equipment publicly has drawn criticism. He has the freedom to choose different clubs, yet he persists with the ones causing him trouble, making it seem like a personal problem rather than a technical one.

While it’s understandable for a player to be frustrated with their performance, publicly whining about equipment issues may come across as unprofessional. Fitzpatrick’s focus on his clubs rather than his own skills and performance raises questions about his mindset and ability to overcome challenges on the course.