Mats Ege embraces final stretch as ETSU’s top golfer.


On the verge of pro golf, Mats Ege soaks in last stretch as ETSU's top dog

Key Elements of Article


  • Mats Ege is a standout golfer at ETSU who is on the verge of turning pro.
  • He has had a stellar collegiate career and is aiming for back-to-back SoCon titles.

On the Verge of Pro Golf

As Mats Ege enters the final stretch of his collegiate career at East Tennessee State University, he is not just looking to add another SoCon title to his already impressive resume, but also preparing for a future in professional golf. With six top-five finishes and a No. 9 ranking on the PGA Tour University, Ege is well on his way to making the leap to the pros. His coach, Jake Amos, praises Ege’s work ethic and talent, predicting a successful transition to the next level.

Building Relationships and Work Ethic

Despite his individual success, Ege credits his teammates and the team atmosphere at ETSU for pushing him to new heights. The sense of camaraderie and competition within the team has motivated Ege to consistently perform at his best, even when faced with challenges. Amos highlights Ege’s relentless work ethic as a key factor in his success, emphasizing that his dedication to the sport will continue to fuel his future aspirations in professional golf.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Ege plans to stay in the Tri-Cities area to further develop his game and pursue opportunities in the professional golf circuit. His time at ETSU has not only shaped him as a player but also instilled a love for the game and a desire to be surrounded by other talented golfers. Ege’s commitment to his craft and his determination to succeed make him a promising prospect for a successful career in pro golf.