LPGA Star retires after ten years on tour.


LPGA Star announces retirement after a decade of pro golf


Professional LPGA golfer Amy Olson has announced her retirement after a decade on the tour, citing a desire to focus on family and a new chapter in her life. Olson, who has had a successful career with several major accomplishments, including finishing second in the 2020 US Women’s Open, made the decision after the birth of her child. She expressed gratitude for her time in golf but stated that the travel, cameras, and pressure were not aspects of the tour that she enjoyed.

Key Points:

  • Amy Olson announces retirement from LPGA Tour after a decade of professional golf.
  • Olson had a successful career, with notable achievements including finishing second in major tournaments.

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LPGA star Amy Olson, known for her impressive golf career over the past decade, has decided to retire from the tour. Olson, who played professionally since 2014, made the announcement after reflecting on her journey in the sport.

During her time on the LPGA Tour, Olson had significant successes, including multiple wins during the NCAA season and finishing second in major tournaments such as the US Women’s Open and the Evian Championship. Her career earnings totaled almost $3 million, showcasing her skill and dedication to the game.

After playing one last tournament at the US Women’s Open while seven months pregnant, Olson welcomed the birth of her child with her husband, Grant Olson, an assistant football coach. This life-changing event led Olson to reassess her priorities and ultimately decide to step away from professional golf.

In her retirement announcement, Olson expressed gratitude for the opportunities she had in golf but also highlighted the aspects of the tour that she did not enjoy, such as extensive travel, constant camera presence, and the pressure of competition. She shared that starting a family with her husband was a driving force behind her decision to retire.

Although Olson’s departure from the LPGA Tour marks the end of a significant chapter in her life, she is looking forward to the next phase and is excited about the future ahead. Fans and fellow golfers alike have expressed support for her decision and her dedication to both the sport and her family.