Leisurely Golf vs. Serious Golf


Recreational vs. Professional Golf


  • Professional golf is currently in a battle for supremacy between the PGA and LIV.
  • The recreational aspect of golf has seen a rise in popularity since the Covid pandemic.

The article discusses the ongoing battle between professional golf organizations, which is currently favoring LIV due to the vast sums being offered by wealthy sponsors. However, the focus is on the distinction between professional golf, which represents a small percentage of players, and recreational golf, which makes up the majority of golfers. The author emphasizes that the outcomes of the professional battle may not significantly impact the recreational aspect of the game.

The rise in popularity of recreational golf, especially since the Covid pandemic, is highlighted as a positive trend for the game. While professional players may set trends and attract media attention, the real core of golf lies in the millions of recreational players who support the sport through their love of playing and enjoying the game. The author questions whether the recreational aspect of golf would be significantly affected if professional players were to stop playing, emphasizing that golf is ultimately about fun and enjoyment.

In conclusion, the article argues that while professional golf may have its own battles and controversies, the recreational aspect of the game remains strong and continues to thrive. The author invites readers to share their thoughts on the impact of professional golf on the overall golfing community.