Lee Westwood struggling to find success in LIV Golf season.


Lee Westwood yet to earn single point in LIV Golf season as future questioned

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  • Lee Westwood has yet to earn a single point in LIV Golf this season
  • His struggles in the league have raised questions about his future

Lee Westwood, a former world No. 1 golfer, has not scored a single point in LIV Golf this season, putting him at the bottom of the standings. Despite his poor performance, Westwood is not in danger of being relegated from the league due to his role as captain of the Majesticks GC. In the past, LIV Golf has enforced relegation for players below a certain ranking, but Westwood and others have avoided this fate. However, with the ongoing struggles of Westwood and other captains, the league might consider implementing new rules in the future.

Westwood’s decision to join LIV Golf in 2022 has led to a significant drop in his world ranking, with him currently sitting at 1,163rd place. He has criticized the Official World Golf Ranking system, stating that it favors players still on the PGA Tour and is now obsolete. Despite his past successes on the PGA Tour, Westwood’s future in the sport remains uncertain as he continues to struggle in LIV Golf.