Justin Thomas shares epic golf story involving Michael Jordan on TV.


'I Made Four Birdies In Seven Holes And Helped Pay For My First Car' - Justin Thomas Shares Awesome Michael Jordan Story On The Late Show


  • Justin Thomas shared a story on ‘The Late Show’ about playing golf with Michael Jordan as a teenager.
  • Thomas made four birdies in seven holes and won enough money to pay for his first car.

Justin Thomas appeared on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ after attending a New York Knicks game and shared an epic story about playing golf with Michael Jordan. Thomas, just 15 at the time, was invited to join Jordan for the final seven holes of a round, where he made four birdies and won enough money to pay for his first car. The story highlights the casual nature of the game at the local club where Thomas’s father was the head professional, with no set rules or tee times. Thomas reflected on the pressure of playing with Jordan and the unexpected outcome of winning a significant amount of money without even knowing the stakes beforehand.