Justin Thomas admits he underestimated his impressive form in winning first Major


Justin Thomas feels he took his stunning form "for granted" during the stretch when he won his first Major


  • Justin Thomas feels he took his stunning form “for granted” during the stretch when he won his first Major.
  • Thomas admitted to the press that at the peak of his game, he “took for granted” the results he was getting.

Justin Thomas, a professional golfer with 10 seasons under his belt, reflected on his past success and admitted that he had taken his stunning form for granted when he won his first Major. He expressed that he used to find himself in contention in tournaments more often without forcing the issue, but now he is focusing on getting in the right headspace and executing better on the golf course.

Thomas’s peak in his career came between 2016-2017 and 2019-2020, during which he won 12 out of his total 15 victories on the PGA Tour and claimed two PGA Championships. However, his level of dominance has not been the same in recent years, and he has dropped significantly in world rankings. Despite this, Thomas remains optimistic and focused on regaining his former success after acknowledging that he may have taken it for granted.

Looking ahead, Thomas is hoping to make new memories at the Valhalla Golf Club and is excited about the upcoming tournaments, including the Wells Fargo Championship and the PGA Championship. With a renewed mindset and determination, Thomas aims to plot his way around the golf course better and recapture the success he achieved earlier in his career.