Jon Rahm exposes truth about PGA Tour most LIV golfers ignore.


Jon Rahm reveals what most LIV golfers don't want to admit about PGA Tour


  • Jon Rahm admits that leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf has had its challenges, especially missing out on defending titles at courses he loves.
  • Despite the drawbacks, Rahm stands by his decision and hopes to compete against the best golfers in the world, regardless of the league.

Key Elements:

Jon Rahm, the reigning Masters champion, recently spoke about the challenges he has faced since leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf. While many golfers have made the switch for the financial incentives, Rahm is candid about the emotional toll it has taken on him.

Rahm expressed his disappointment at not being able to defend titles at courses like Palm Springs and Riviera, which hold special meaning for him. Despite missing these events, he remains committed to his decision to join LIV Golf, accepting the consequences of his actions.

He acknowledges the differences between playing in front of large crowds at iconic PGA Tour events like The Players Championship and the smaller, less traditional settings of LIV Golf tournaments. While Rahm misses the energy of PGA Tour events, he is optimistic about returning to the majors and hopes to one day defend his Masters title.

In the midst of the LIV vs PGA debate, Rahm emphasizes the importance of seeing the best golfers compete against each other, regardless of the league they choose to play in. He believes there is room for both the PGA Tour and LIV Golf in the world of professional golf.

Overall, Rahm’s honesty about the challenges he has faced since joining LIV Golf sheds light on the complexities of the decision to leave the PGA Tour. While he acknowledges the difficulties, he remains focused on his goals and looks forward to competing at the highest level of the sport.