Jon Rahm aims for harmony between LIV Golf and PGA Tour.


‘I think there’s a way of co-existing’ – Jon Rahm hopes for ‘peace’ between LIV Golf and PGA Tour as he prepares for Masters defence


  • Jon Rahm hopes for peace between LIV Golf and PGA Tour as he prepares for Masters defence
  • Rahm nervously anticipates his speech at the Champion’s Dinner and hopes to be well-received by his peers

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Masters champion Jon Rahm is gearing up for the season’s first major at Augusta National, amidst the ongoing tension between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. Rahm, ranked as the world number three, is looking forward to reuniting with the game’s elite players despite potential apprehension about his reception from his peers. As the PGA Tour and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund work towards a potential deal, Rahm admits to feeling nervous about addressing a room full of Masters winners at the upcoming event.

Rahm’s involvement with LIV Golf has attracted criticism, but he remains optimistic about the possibility of co-existing and uniting the game. He hopes for a peaceful resolution between the organizations and believes in the potential for the game to advance through collaboration. As he prepares for the Masters defence, Rahm acknowledges the challenges of balancing the existing tensions in the golf world.

The recent meeting between LIV Golf and PGA Tour representatives signifies a step towards resolving the conflict, with discussions focused on potential investment and the future structure of professional golf. Rahm stresses the importance of maintaining respect for all parties involved and emphasizes the need for a united front to showcase the best of the sport to fans and spectators.

Looking ahead to Major season, Rahm expresses excitement at the prospect of competing against top players like Scottie Scheffler and aims to deliver a memorable performance for spectators. Despite his nerves about the upcoming events, Rahm remains determined to participate in the game’s evolution and contribute to its growth.