Is Scottie Scheffler in line for $100M equity shares? PGA’s loyalty criteria revealed


Will Scottie Scheffler Get $100M in Equity Shares? PGA Tour Enterprises’ Criteria to Measure Pro’s Loyalty Explored

PGA Tour Equity Shares Article Summary


PGA Tour Enterprises is speculated to be giving financial compensation to top golfers based on loyalty and achievements, with reports suggesting a $100 million equity share for Tiger Woods and $50 million for Rory McIlroy. The criteria for determining these payouts include Career Points and the Player Impact Program. Scottie Scheffler, currently ranked #1, is under scrutiny for potentially receiving a similar payout as Woods.

Key Elements:

  • PGA Tour considering giving financial compensation to top golfers
  • Criteria for determining payouts include Career Points and the Player Impact Program
  • Speculation around Scottie Scheffler potentially receiving a $100 million equity share like Tiger Woods
  • Other potential names on the list of 36 superstar golfers include Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas

The recent speculation surrounding PGA Tour professionals such as Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods receiving financial compensation from the PGA Tour has generated widespread curiosity and conjecture within the community. While the reported $100 million payout to Woods and $50 million to McIlroy have incited criticism towards PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, there is growing inquiry into whether other pros are also receiving equity.

According to reports, the Tour has already outlined the criteria for determining financial compensation. However, out of the total amount, two-thirds will be distributed as equity among 193 golfers, while $750 million will be divided among 36 distinguished players based on a metric called Career Points. It is on the achievements on the Tour the golfer has had in his tenure of playing on it.

In addition to Career Points, the Player Impact Program introduced three years ago also plays a significant role in determining superstar golfers. The lucky three dozen will rub their hands, but the next 64 players will also collect $ 75 million in equity between them. The next 57 players will share $30 million and another $75 million will be allotted between the 36 players considered living legends who have retired. In each group, Career Points will be the overriding determinant.

Despite the criteria relying on the accomplishments of the pro players or their tenure in competition, Scheffler’s name might or might not be included on the list of 36 elite golfers. Scheffler held the fifth position on the PIP 2023 list of the PGA Tour and received a $6 million reward. He is undoubtedly a great and elite player and has been untouchable this year, but he does not have the legacy that Woods has. This might cause a hindrance in him getting a hefty payout in equity-like GOAT.

Who are the other potential names on the list of 36 superstar golfers? Even though the PIP rewards players who have made the greatest impact on the Tour’s business through avenues such as ticket sales, sponsorships, media consumption, and fan engagement, there are certain names worth highlighting for the list of 36 golfers. Beginning with Jordan Spieth, who, despite being relatively young, held a promising position as 4th on the PIP list in 2023, potentially catapulting him into the elite group of exceptional golfers. In addition to Spieth, Justin Thomas is also a strong contender for special compensation, given his 8th-place ranking on the PGA Tour’s PIP list in 2023.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the reveal of the specially compensated professionals. Until then, feel free to share your thoughts on the professionals who may find themselves on the list.