Golf tours got me fumed!


Ticked off! @golf tours


  • The article discusses the divide in golf tours and calls for unity in professional golf.
  • The author expresses frustrations with media attention, outdated technology, lack of mosquito spraying, and difficulties with insurance claims.

In the midst of a week of golf in Augusta, the article addresses the divide in golf caused by discussions about different tours. The author calls for unity in professional golf and emphasizes the importance of focusing on the athleticism and skill of the players. They express frustration with the media attention given to certain players and events, urging for a return to the core aspects of the sport.

Furthermore, the author expresses annoyance at the lack of support for their Nook HD book reader, which limits their ability to add new books. They also highlight the issue of insufficient mosquito spraying in certain areas, leading to discomfort for residents. Additionally, the author criticizes Gerber Life Insurance for not providing an option to email death claim forms, making the process difficult for beneficiaries.

On a brighter note, the article mentions a positive experience walking around Lake Lily in Maitland, where the water has become clear and beautiful. This positive experience contrasts the frustrations expressed earlier in the article.