Golf legend delivers bold message to LIV Golf.


Golf legend has brutal message for LIV Golf


  • Fred Couples does not believe that LIV Golf is good for golf or better than the PGA Tour
  • He made a brutal assessment of LIV Golf, stating that he does not want to hear that it is as good as the PGA Tour

As LIV Golf and the PGA Tour potentially work towards reuniting, golf legend Fred Couples criticized LIV Golf in a recent interview. Couples expressed his skepticism about the hype surrounding LIV Golf, stating that he does not believe it is good for golf or better than the PGA Tour. He highlighted his loyalty to the PGA Tour, mentioning that after 44 years, he does not want anyone to criticize a tour that he believes is very good.

Couples acknowledged the talent of players in the LIV Tour but questioned the nature of their tournaments and the comparison to the PGA Tour. He mentioned that he planned to attend a LIV Tour event to better understand it but emphasized that he did not want to hear that the LIV Tour is on par with the PGA Tour.

Overall, Couples’ comments provide a candid assessment of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf league and showcase his unwavering support for the PGA Tour as a seasoned professional in the golfing world. His perspective sheds light on the ongoing debate about the future of professional golf and the potential impact of rival leagues on the sport.