Four seasons of golf fun in the Upper Valley simulator.


Simulator provides four-season golf in the Upper Valley


Simulator provides four-season golf in the Upper Valley

  • PGA pro David Jankowski opens state-of-the-art golf simulator in Lebanon, NH
  • Facility offers year-round access for practice, lessons, and skill development

Simulator provides four-season golf in the Upper Valley

The sport of golf has seen an increase in popularity, leading to the opening of a state-of-the-art simulator in the Upper Valley. David Jankowski, a PGA pro, opened the Golf Garage in Lebanon, NH, offering golf enthusiasts year-round practice opportunities. The facility aims to provide players with the chance to hone their skills, receive lessons from professionals, and improve their game.

With monthly memberships providing access to the facility throughout the year, golfers can enjoy the benefits of practicing in a controlled environment regardless of the weather outside. Utilizing Trackman technology, pressure mats, and high-speed video, the Golf Garage offers players the tools needed to enhance their game and reach new levels of performance.

Players of all abilities are welcome at the Golf Garage, from junior golfers and high school athletes to experienced players like Michael Walsh, who has a plus-three handicap and plays Division I golf. The facility caters to individuals looking to improve their skills, develop a path towards improvement, and achieve their golfing goals.

With keypad access from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week, rain or shine, the Golf Garage provides a convenient and flexible practice space for golfers in the Upper Valley. Whether looking to fine-tune their swing, work on their technique, or simply enjoy a round of golf, the simulator offers a unique and innovative way to engage with the sport year-round.

Overall, the Golf Garage in Lebanon, NH, presents a modern and interactive approach to golf practice, combining technology, expertise, and passion for the game to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for golfers of all ages and skill levels.