Fix shanks with tips from a regular golfer like you.


How I Fixed My Shanks -- Advice From a Normal, Everday Golfer


  • The shanks in golf are a frustrating issue that many players face.
  • The key fixes for shanks include checking your grip, focusing on your lead elbow position, and using the loft of your club effectively.

In a recent article, a normal, everyday golfer shared his experience of fixing his shanks with the help of a PGA Professional. He highlighted three key elements that helped him overcome this frustrating issue: grip, lead elbow position, and using the loft of the club effectively.

The article starts by acknowledging the common frustration of dealing with shanks in golf, emphasizing that even professional players like Henrik Stenson have faced this issue. The author shares his personal experience of dealing with shanks and how he sought help from a PGA Professional at his local club to resolve the problem.

One of the first key fixes the author mentions is checking the grip. He explains how a weak grip can lead to an open clubface and hosel contact at impact, causing shanks. By focusing on improving the grip and ensuring the lead elbow points towards the target, the author saw positive changes in his golf swing.

Additionally, the author emphasizes the importance of using the loft of the club effectively to elevate the ball. By driving the left shoulder into the ground and hitting the ball first, players can achieve higher ball speeds and better contact.

After working with a PGA Professional and making adjustments to his grip, lead elbow position, and club loft usage, the author shares the steps he took to fix his shanks. These steps included slowing down the swing, practicing punch shots with mid-irons, and maintaining a level-headed approach throughout the process.

Overall, the article provides valuable insights and practical tips for golfers looking to improve their game by addressing and fixing shanks, a common and frustrating issue in the sport.