Fans have strong opinions on PGA Tour and LIV unification.




  • Survey conducted at Players Championship on uniting PGA Tour with LIV
  • 33 individuals interviewed, opinions split on the matter

As the 2024 Players Championship took place, a survey was conducted to gather opinions on whether the PGA Tour should unite with LIV. The survey consisted of 33 individuals who were asked about their thoughts on the potential merger. Opinions varied among the participants, with some in favor of unity and others preferring the status quo.

Key Points:

As fans were approached for their input, a variety of responses were collected:

  • Some believed that having the best players compete together would be more entertaining for fans and beneficial for the sport
  • Others expressed concerns about the division caused by LIV and the monetary motivations of players
  • Certain participants were unaware of what LIV Golf even stood for

Survey Results:

Opinions ranged from enthusiasts advocating for a united front to skeptics questioning the motives behind the potential merger. While some viewed the consolidation of PGA Tour and LIV as a way to enhance competition and excitement in the world of professional golf, others felt that the separation was advantageous to maintaining the integrity of the sport. The survey highlighted the diversity of perspectives among fans and their deep-rooted feelings about the future direction of professional golf.