Exciting Final Round Recap | 2024 Mizuho Americas Open | LPGA


Final Round Highlights | 2024 Mizuho Americas Open | LPGA | Ladies Professional Golf Association.jpeg


– Highlights from the final round of the 2024 Mizuho Americas Open showcase winners Gianna Clemente and Nelly Korda.

– The LPGA continues to promote diversity and inclusion in the game of golf through various initiatives.

Key Elements:

The final round highlights of the 2024 Mizuho Americas Open showcased the impressive performances of Gianna Clemente and Nelly Korda, who emerged as the winners of the tournament. Gianna Clemente’s winning press conference and Nelly Korda’s final round highlights were particularly noteworthy, demonstrating their skills and determination on the course.

Additionally, the LPGA is actively working towards changing the face of golf by promoting diversity and inclusion in the sport. Through initiatives like the C-Me Action Plan and Diversity Policy, the organization is committed to providing opportunities for diverse suppliers and professionals in the golf industry. The LPGA Foundation’s Girls Golf program and donation initiatives are also highlighted, showcasing the organization’s dedication to empowering women and girls through golf.

Overall, the 2024 Mizuho Americas Open not only showcased top talent in women’s professional golf but also highlighted the LPGA’s ongoing efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive golfing community.