Ernie Els opens up about LIV Golf and golf ‘mess.’


Ernie Els feelings on LIV Golf laid bare following admission on golf 'mess'

Ernie Els’ LIV Golf Feelings


  • Ernie Els criticizes LIV Golf for its format and team aspect.
  • Players have expressed concerns about various elements of the league.

Ernie Els has openly criticized LIV Golf, expressing his discontent with the league’s 54-hole format and team tournaments. He is not alone in his opposition, as other players have also raised concerns about aspects such as music on the course and the involvement of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. Despite acknowledging the passion for golf among those associated with the league, Els remains firm in his stance against LIV Golf.

During an interview, Els emphasized his belief that the current format of LIV Golf does not align with traditional golf principles. He suggested the possibility of incorporating team golf into the schedule for a limited period but emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of the sport. Els has previously referred to the league as “circus golf” but has shown some willingness to reconsider his views on team golf.

Despite his criticisms, Els expressed hope for a resolution between LIV Golf and professional golf bodies to prevent further division within the sport. He declined an offer to join the rival league, citing his commitment to traditional golf values. Els’s steadfast stance against LIV Golf’s format and structure reflects the ongoing debate within the golfing community about the direction of the sport.