Engaging young golfers through North Texas PGA programs.


How The North Texas PGA Reaches Young Golfers


Key Points:

  • The North Texas PGA has built “The Ronny” as a hub for junior golf activities.
  • The program focuses on fun, inclusion, and affordability to reach young golfers.

How The North Texas PGA Reaches Young Golfers

Mark Harrison, the Northern Texas PGA CEO, oversees the junior golf program based at “The Ronny,” named after Ronny Glanton. The complex includes two-acre Ronny Golf Park with special facilities for kids and parents of all ages. The goal is to introduce and make golf accessible and enjoyable for young players.

The program is led by veteran golf instructor Chad Moscovic, who emphasizes fun, inclusion, and affordability in teaching golf to youth. The program offers free putt and chip sessions along with structured camps and lessons for various age groups.

The Northern Texas PGA aims to remove financial barriers for junior golfers by providing equipment, sponsors, and free access to the golf park. The program has seen a significant increase in participation with over 1,100 junior visitors and 2,000 overall enrolments since its inception.

The focus on creating a positive and fun environment for young golfers has resonated with parents and players, leading to increased interest in golf among the youth community. The program’s success lies in its ability to balance skill development with a playful and engaging atmosphere, fostering a lifelong passion for golf among participants.