Empower women with sponsorship for Kathy Whitworth ’88’.




  • The Kathy Whitworth ’88’ golf tournament will be held in Trophy Club, Texas in July 2024.
  • Sponsors, inspired by Kathy Whitworth’s desire to help young female golfers, play a key role in the event’s success.

The Kathy Whitworth ’88’ golf tournament, hosted by the ANNIKA Women’s All Pro Tour (WAPT), will take place in Trophy Club, Texas in July 2024. This event, named in honor of Kathy Whitworth’s 88 professional wins, aims to empower young female golfers aspiring to make it to the LPGA. Sponsors like Capital Asset Resources, Inc. and Golf Addict Apparel, provide not only monetary support but also time and participation.

Carl Wilson, president of Capital Asset Resources, Inc., who grew up following Kathy Whitworth’s career, sees the tournament as a tool for empowerment for young women looking to make a career in golf. The company invests time and participation in the event, with many employees volunteering in various roles to ensure its success.

Toby Powell, founder of Golf Addict Apparel, is proud to be a merchandise sponsor for the tournament. She started her apparel company after struggling to find comfortable and stylish golf shirts. For Powell, supporting women athletes and witnessing their professional achievements is the real bottom line.

Tournament Director Cathy Harbin emphasizes the importance of sponsors for events like the Kathy Whitworth ’88,’ which provide aspiring LPGA professionals with the opportunity to follow their dream. The event offers various levels of sponsorship, allowing companies to support these young professionals on their journey to becoming LPGA Touring Professionals.

Overall, the Kathy Whitworth ’88’ tournament serves as a platform to empower and support young women in their golfing careers, with sponsors playing a vital role in making the event a success.