Do professional golfers’ children use LPGA day care services?


Does LPGA Offer Day Care Facilities for the Children of Professional Golfers?


  • LPGA offers day care facilities for professional golfers who are mothers.
  • The Smucker LPGA Child Development Center provides childcare during tournaments since 1993.

Key Elements of the Article:

The article discusses how the LPGA Tour supports professional golfers who are also mothers by providing day care facilities during tournaments. The Smucker LPGA Child Development Center, established in 1993, offers a traveling childcare center for players and LPGA staff. The center provides a comfortable environment for the children with toys and caretakers, allowing mothers to focus on their game without worrying about their children. Professional golfer Stacy Lewis shared her positive experience with the daycare program during the 2022 U.S. Open, emphasizing the support and flexibility offered by the center.

The article highlights the ongoing Ford Championship where several LPGA pros who are mothers are participating, including Lindsey Weaver-Wright, Sophia Popov, and Caroline Masson. Weaver-Wright, who returned to the greens after becoming a mother, expressed her appreciation for the support from the daycare center. While the LPGA Tour does not provide daily care directly, collaborations like the Smucker LPGA Child Development Center demonstrate the tour’s commitment to supporting professionals and their families.