Discover Brendan Steele’s wife, Anastassia: Life, career, and more explored.


Meet Brendan Steele’s Wife, Anastassia: Personal Life, Career, & Other Details About the LIV Golf WAG Explored


  • Brendan Steele won the LIV Golf tournament in Adelaide with a score of 18-under-par.
  • His wife, Anastassia Steele, maintains a private persona with limited presence on social media.

The 41-year-old American golfer Brendan Steele recently clinched victory at the LIV Golf tournament in Adelaide with an impressive score of 18-under-par. Throughout the tournament, his wife, Anastassia Steele, drew attention with her private persona and limited social media presence. Anastassia, also known as Ana, met Brendan while he was in college at the University of California, Riverside. The couple tied the knot in 2007 and now have a daughter named Victoria ‘Tori’ Steele.

Key Elements:

The electrifying LIV Golf tournament crowned Brendan Steele as its champion, winning with a score of 18-under-par. Anastassia Steele, Brendan’s wife, prefers a private life with limited social media presence, supporting her husband from the sidelines. The couple has been together for over 17 years and shares a daughter, Tori Steele. Anastassia enjoys charity work, exploring historical places, and spending quality time with her husband and daughter in Los Angeles.