Cracking the code: TUGR reveals its golf ranking formula!


How Does TUGR Calculate Golf Rankings? OWGR’s “Unbiased” Alternative’s Features Explored


  • TUGR is a new golf ranking system that eliminates personal bias.
  • TUGR ranks players based on head-to-head scores instead of points.

Key Elements:

The TUGR ranking system in golf has been introduced as an alternative to the OWGR, aiming to provide a more unbiased method of ranking players. Unlike OWGR, TUGR does not focus on tours but rather on players. The system uses head-to-head scores to determine players’ rankings, allowing for a more accurate representation of a player’s performance regardless of the tournament or field strength. TUGR relies on advanced cloud computing and matrix methods to generate rankings based on performance rather than arbitrary points.

TUGR has been gaining attention in the golf community, with players like Dean Burmester ranking significantly higher in TUGR compared to other ranking systems. The top players in the TUGR rankings closely mirror those in other systems, with Scottie Scheffler leading the pack. However, TUGR is not recognized by major organizers, which could limit its impact within the golf world.

Despite some limitations, TUGR offers a fresh perspective on ranking players in golf, highlighting the importance of head-to-head matchups and performance-based criteria. While it may not yet be widely accepted, TUGR presents a potential alternative to traditional ranking systems in the future.