Chris DiMarco earns over $22 million, Paige Spiranac criticizes LIV Golf.


“Chris DiMarco has made over $22,000,000” - Paige Spiranac blasts former golfer for urging LIV Golf takeover of Champions Tour

Summary of Paige Spiranac Blasting Chris DiMarco


  • Paige Spiranac calls out Chris DiMarco for urging LIV Golf to take over the Champions Tour.
  • DiMarco complained about prize money on the tour despite having earned over $22 million in his career.

Paige Spiranac recently criticized former golfer Chris DiMarco for advocating for LIV Golf to buy the Champions Tour. DiMarco, who has accumulated over $22 million in career earnings on the course, expressed discontent with the prize money offered on the tour designed for older players. Spiranac took to social media to condemn DiMarco’s stance, highlighting the lucrative nature of professional golf and questioning the validity of his complaints. Despite DiMarco’s plea for increased payouts on the Champions Tour, Spiranac and others find it difficult to sympathize with an athlete who has achieved significant financial success throughout his career.

In his remarks, DiMarco expressed a desire for LIV Golf to acquire the Champions Tour to elevate the level of competition and financial rewards. However, Spiranac and critics argued that the Champions Tour lacks the popularity and financial backing of other prestigious golf tours, such as the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. The ongoing financial battle between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf has led to an emphasis on bolstering prize purses for primary tours rather than prioritizing financial support for a senior tour like the Champions Tour.

Despite DiMarco’s notable earnings and accomplishments as a professional golfer, his plea for increased prize money on the Champions Tour has sparked backlash from colleagues and pundits who view his complaints as unwarranted given his substantial financial success in the sport. While the debate over prize money in golf continues to unfold, Spiranac’s outspoken criticism of DiMarco sheds light on the complexities of wealth and entitlement within the professional golfing community.