Chris DiMarco calls for LIV to boost Champions Tour purses


Chris DiMarco hopes LIV buys Champions Tour, says senior purses are 'kind of a joke'


– Chris DiMarco criticized the purses on the Champions Tour, calling them a “joke” compared to other professional golf circuits.
– DiMarco hopes that LIV Golf buys the senior circuit and increases the prize funds to make competition more lucrative for players.

Chris DiMarco, a former PGA Tour player, expressed his disappointment with the prize money on the Champions Tour, labeling them as insufficient compared to the earnings in other men’s professional golf tournaments. DiMarco, who had a successful career on the PGA Tour, where he earned close to $23 million, discussed the financial imbalance in golf on the “Subpar” podcast. He highlighted the disparity between the purse amounts on the Champions Tour and events like The Players Championship, where the difference in earnings was staggering.

DiMarco emphasized the need for the Champions Tour to increase its prize funds to attract and reward top players properly. He pointed out that the current purses on the senior circuit were significantly lower than those on the PGA Tour, making it challenging for players to compete at the same level financially. DiMarco suggested that the acquisition of the Champions Tour by LIV Golf could potentially address this issue and provide a platform for older players to compete for substantial rewards.

Reflecting on his own career and the opportunities available to current players, DiMarco acknowledged the financial evolution in golf, especially with the emergence of new ventures like LIV Golf. He discussed how players in the prime of their careers might consider switching to these alternative circuits for the financial benefits they offer. DiMarco also shared his personal experience of playing during the era of Tiger Woods and the rise of big-money tournaments, noting the contrast with the current state of senior golf.

In conclusion, DiMarco’s comments shed light on the financial challenges faced by senior golfers on the Champions Tour and the potential for growth and improvement in prize money distribution through strategic partnerships with organizations like LIV Golf.