Breaking down wild Friday at PGA Championship in Tour Confidential.


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  • Unexpected events took place at the PGA Championship on Friday, including the tragic death of a volunteer and the arrest of the No. 1 player in the world.
  • Michael Block’s impressive run put club pro qualifiers in the spotlight last year, with other pros potentially making a move to take his place at Valhalla.

No one could have predicted the bizarreness witnessed at the PGA Championship on Friday, from the tragic death of a volunteer to the arrest of the No. 1 player in the world. However, besides these shocking incidents, there were noteworthy events that took place on the course as well.

One standout moment was Michael Block’s remarkable performance last year, highlighting the potential of club pro qualifiers at Valhalla. While Block may be out of the mix, there are other pros, such as Braden Shattuck, who are on the verge of making a significant move.

Another key element to consider is the resurgence of Viktor Hovland, who is just four strokes off the pace and back with his old coach, Joe Mayo. Hovland’s return to form is eagerly anticipated, as his positive energy is much needed in the men’s pro golf scene.

Lastly, the LPGA’s Mizuho America’s Open also made headlines on Friday, as several players and personnel battled a mysterious illness, affecting the outcome of the tournament. This unfortunate situation overshadowed the otherwise incredible run of the LPGA Tour.

Overall, Friday at the PGA Championship was filled with unexpected turns and standout performances, making it a day to remember in the world of golf.