Baker’s first win with SkyCaddie PRO 5X is a success!


Baker scores first win for new SkyCaddie PRO 5X


Key points:

  • SkyCaddie’s new PRO 5X Tour Book GPS rangefinder helped Peter Baker win the opening Legends Tour event
  • SkyCaddie users have been consistently winning tournaments on the Legends Tour

Article Summary:

SkyCaddie’s latest PRO 5X Tour Book GPS rangefinder proved to be a game-changer as it helped professional golfer Peter Baker secure victory in the opening Legends Tour event. Baker’s win showcased the accuracy and reliability of the device, with him praising its precise yardages and performance advantages. The article highlights how SkyCaddie users have been dominating the Legends Tour, with 75% of the Top Twenty in the 2023 Order Of Merit being SkyCaddie GPS users.

The article also discusses SkyCaddie’s official partnership with the Legends Tour and the technology’s role in setting accurate pin sheets for each day’s pins during tournaments. The PRO 5X Tour Book, introduced in February 2024, has received accolades including the 2024 Editor’s Choice award from Today’s Golfer magazine.

Overall, the article emphasizes the impact of SkyCaddie’s GPS devices on professional golfers, highlighting their performance advantages and accuracy in high-pressure tournament conditions.