Anthony Kim tees off with LIV after doctor’s wake up call.


Anthony Kim on return to golf with LIV after doctor gave him 'rude awakening'

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Here are the key points from the article:

  • Anthony Kim makes a comeback to golf with LIV Golf League.
  • Kim reveals he had a life-threatening experience that led to his disappearance from the sport.

Article Summary:

Anthony Kim, a former PGA Tour star, disappeared from professional golf in 2012 and has recently made a comeback with the LIV Golf League. Kim’s return to the sport follows a life-threatening experience that prompted a significant change in his perspective and priorities. He has undergone multiple surgeries and faced personal challenges during his time away from golf.

Kim, now a husband and father, describes his return as a reflection of his newfound maturity and gratitude for life. He acknowledges his past mistakes and poor decisions but is focused on moving forward and enjoying the game of golf once again. Despite setbacks like a broken ankle, Kim remains determined to compete and hopes to be in contention in the near future.

His experiences have reshaped his mindset, and he now prioritizes his role as a father above all else. Kim emphasizes that his happiness is no longer solely dependent on his performance on the golf course but rather on the time spent with his daughter. He sees his ability to separate work and personal life as a valuable “superpower” that brings him joy and fulfillment.