Anthony Kim makes triumphant return to golf with borrowed clubs.


Borrowed clubs, ice cream and healing: How Anthony Kim has made his return to golf

Anthony Kim Opens Up About Golf Return


  • Anthony Kim retired from golf and sold off his equipment in 2012.
  • After 12 years, Kim is making a golf return in the LIV Golf Tour.

Anthony Kim recently opened up in a news conference about his turbulent last 12 years and his return to golf. Kim, who retired from professional golf in 2012, sold off all his equipment and embraced a new chapter. After facing multiple surgeries, personal struggles, and a ruptured Achilles, Kim is finally making a comeback in the LIV Golf Tour.

Kim’s journey over the years has been filled with personal challenges, including traumatic experiences and health scares. His daughter, Bella, played a significant role in inspiring him to make changes in his life and seek professional help to overcome his struggles. Kim credits his wife and mother for supporting him through tough times.

Despite his lack of involvement in the golf scene, Kim joined the LIV Golf Tour and has been adjusting to the changes in the sport. His performances have been mixed, but Kim remains determined to prove himself and enjoy the journey back to competitive golf. Through all the ups and downs, Kim’s focus remains on his family and finding joy in simple moments.

Kim’s return to golf symbolizes a new chapter in his life, marked by resilience, determination, and a newfound perspective on what truly matters. As he navigates the challenges of professional golf once again, Kim is driven by personal growth and the love for his family.