against anxiety Chris Kirk’s Battle Against Anxiety: A Sober Journey


Chris Kirk is a professional golfer who recently won the PGA Tour Honda Classic, and his story of recovery from alcoholism is an inspiring one.

Chris Kirk’s PGA Tour Career

Chris Kirk has been a professional golfer since 2007, and he has had a successful career on the PGA Tour. He won four times on the PGA Tour between 2011 and 2015, and he was a consistent presence in the top 10 of the FedEx Cup standings.

However, in 2019, Kirk had to step away from golf due to his battle with alcoholism. He had been struggling with his addiction for years, and he finally decided to take a break from the game to focus on his sobriety.

Chris Kirk’s Sobriety Journey

Kirk was almost four years sober when he returned to the PGA Tour in 2019. He made the cut in his first tournament back, and he has since had three top 10s in 2020 and four in 2021.

Kirk credits his sobriety for his success on the golf course. He says that he is able to focus better and stay in the moment, which has helped him to play better golf. He also says that he is more confident and relaxed on the course, which has allowed him to play with more freedom.

Chris Kirk’s Honda Classic Win

Kirk’s win at the PGA Tour Honda Classic was a major milestone in his recovery from alcoholism. He was able to overcome his addiction and return to the game he loves, and he was able to do it in style.

Kirk’s win was a testament to his hard work and dedication to his sobriety. He has been able to stay sober and continue to play at a high level, and his win at the Honda Classic is a testament to that.

Chris Kirk’s Biggest Supporters

Kirk has had a lot of support throughout his recovery process, and his family has been one of his biggest supporters. His wife and kids have been by his side every step of the way, and they have been instrumental in helping him stay on track.

Kirk also credits his friends and fellow PGA Tour players for their support. He says that they have been incredibly supportive, and they have helped him stay focused and motivated to stay sober.

Chris Kirk’s Message of Hope

Kirk’s story of recovery is an inspiration to many people who are struggling with addiction. He has been able to overcome his alcoholism and still be successful on the PGA Tour, and he wants to share his story to give others hope.

Kirk has been a vocal advocate for sobriety and he frequently speaks at events and shares his story. He hopes that by sharing his story, he can help others who are struggling with addiction and give them the hope and motivation to get sober.

Chris Kirk’s Future Plans

Kirk is dedicated to staying sober and continuing to play great golf. He is currently ranked 25th in the world, and he hopes to continue to climb the rankings and win more tournaments.

Kirk also plans to continue to share his story of recovery and help others who are struggling with addiction. He wants to use his platform to give people hope and show them that recovery is possible.

Chris Kirk’s story of recovery and success is an inspiring one. He has been able to overcome his addiction and still find success on the PGA Tour, and his story is a testament to the power of sobriety and dedication. Through his story, he has been able to share a message of hope to those who are struggling with addiction and show them that recovery is possible. With his hard work, dedication, and support from his family and friends, Chris Kirk is an example of how to overcome adversity and achieve success.